NATURAL Gas OR CRUDE Oil pRODUCTS Leak Detection Dogs

Dogs for lease, sale or teams for deployment

Maitland K9s LLC is the global go-to source for replacement and/or finished leak detection dogs. Our all-American Labrador Retriever bloodlines have produced the current top pipeline leak detection dogs now working in the U.S. Each dog we provide carries with it a lifetime of technical support and guarantee of health and success with our revolutionary development programs; all complimentary. The trained dogs for urban gas line surveys are provided as spay/neutered with all necessary equipment.

Through our innovative programs, our pups are prepared for a long life of critical work protecting infrastructure. We curtail the canines skill sets to multiple client-specific odorants, application objectives, and logistical challenges. Our experiences are derived from the frozen tundra of Wisconsin to the extreme heat of Texas plays and training methods were developed using our education of cold-tracking disciplines, clandestine grave locating and land mine detection methodologies. Our certifications require the dogs to be proficient performing their individual trained final response to target odorants in double-blind testing conditions.

Additionally, in 2014 we set out to design new formulations for use in the oil and gas industry, as well as other applications where pipelines are used and subject to developing hard-to-locate leaks. A “family” of odorants with varying solubility/miscibility properties complements the multiple needs for leak detection: hydrostatic pressure tests, non-hydro tests, and for above-ground and/or interior pipelines. The ongoing research and development is coming to fruition with the family of odorants that are detected by the Maitland K9s team of working dogs at a threshold lower than the other “tracer” chemicals in use. This lower threshold can mean significant cost savings to the asset owners as a lower volume of fluid injection is needed, and probing and waiting times are reduced or eliminated. But the positive attributes do not stop there: several of the prototypes are pleasant smelling – making it safer to use in High Consequence Areas or Class 4 locations. The modern blends are easier to transport, safer to handle, stable in storage, biodegradable, nontoxic to either the above-ground environment or aquatic life, noncorrosive, non-carcinogenic and contain no dyes. Researching with integrity = the gold standard in our services.